Who are we

We are a charity that is passionate about restoring the highest HIV infected community in the world, so that it can be a light to the world of what is possible when we truly care. Each volunteer and/or board member has in some way been touched by this mission and has signed up because they believe it is a cause that goes beyond changing just one community. We all believe that this mission could be an important part of building a case for what can transform poor communities to stand on their own feet and need no further outside intervention.

The Board of Trustees


Clive TydClive Tydemaneman has served with iThemba Hope Trust since 2008 and was one of the founding trustees. Due to Clive’s extensive experience in the field, as an advisor and as a Trustee on another Charity that he chairs, he was elected as the Chairperson of the Board.  Clive has worked in the development sector, both on the field implementing development programs in Africa or as a board advisor, for the past 20 years.


Andrew Watt has been a trustee since 2013, although he has been a supporter of the work for a lot longer. He offers 10 years financial management experience in the international development sector, and he currently works at Tearfund, London in the area of financial management. Andrew is the Treasurer of the Charity.


Justina Ogunseitan first supported iThemba Projects in South Africa in 2009 as a volunteer, having visited them a couple of times. She has worked as programme assistant in the charity sector managing the development and implementation of international programmes, marketing strategies and national events, as well as directing and  producing several theatrical productions. Justina is in charge of Events and Marketing of the charity.


Kerryn Bullough has been volunteering with the work in various ways for many of years, and she was one of the founding trustees of the UK trust. She now lives back in South Africa near the work of iThemba Hope Trust’s partner organisation, and serves as a link between the Trust and the team in South Africa. Kerryn serves as the Administrator of the charity.